Broken Souls


Its such a funny thing, how we treat people like they are objects. How we expect them to say what’s bothering them without hesitation. Yeah, you can figure out what’s wrong with your cellphone, your computer, tablet, your watch. You can tell exactly where it stopped, when it broke, what’s the solution, how to fix it. But with people it’s not that easy, no, not easy at all. You see, you cannot even tell if a person is broken or fighting scariest demon inside, trying to calm the raging monster inside, trying to hide it’s existence, putting off a cover of something he’s not. It’s so frightening, so heart-wrenching. How unreachable people are, how broken souls are… Scattered everywhere. And we? We carelessly move, stomping on those pieces, not caring what if accidentally we ever step on that small delicate fragment of that soul, ripping it so fatally, wounding their core. Not knowing what damage you did to that lonely heart who just wanted to hide.


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