Love Is Not Just Romance

LOVE is not just between a girl and a boy.
   Love is when your mother cries with you even though you have hurt her. Love is when you annoy your siblings but will protect them at any costs. Love is when you see a small delicate stray animal and rush to help it. Love is when you can’t watch poor people suffer, can’t see your brothers and sisters struggle. Love is when you send a short but sweet texts to your loved ones. Love is when God bless you with so much mercy even if you know you don’t deserve it.

   No it’s not just romance but it’s a huge existence itself. It’s not just about about intimacy, it’s also about for whom your heart is open wide. Love is when you stand behind someone, having their back through thick and thin, even if you- yourself are about to break down.

   It’s all in those small beautiful moments that we dismiss as happy memories. It’s all in that smile of a child to your mother’s mirth. It’s also about sacrifice and caring, nourishing and strengthening our bonds, with our lôver, friends, family or GOD.

   It’s all about our flaws and imperfections being loved and accepted. 

   This is what I call true ‘love’❤


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